Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday

Spent most of the weekend resting, just was not feeling right... 
I will try to post daily, but beg your forgiveness when I fail...

Three of the most important words you need to hear today, "Let It Go!"

I read a story about a little boy who came running into the house, he was upset and angry.

His mother asked him, "What’s wrong?" Little Johnny said, "Billy called me stupid." "Do you believe that you are stupid?" his mother asked. "No." "Great," mom said, "now let it go!" And with that the whole matter was over.

One important key in life and in all relationships, for that matter is to: let it go. For those of us who are married has your wife ever come to you with an old shirt of yours that she is tired of washing and wants to through it away but for sentimental reasons you are reluctant to let it go? Well, when it comes to life there are something’s we hold on to way too long – we need to learn how let it go.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, let it go.

If a competitor stole your client from you, let it go.

If you get an unfavorable email from a coworker who is venting to you about the last project you worked on together, let it go.

If someone did you wrong at some point in time, let it go.

Your previous employer did you wrong, let it go.

Your friend betrayed you, let it go.

Let go of anger, and leave rage behind.

Do not be preoccupied. It only leads to evil.

Psalms 37:8

It’s not worth holding on to it. Let it go, so you can move on, unfettered to your next destination. Far too many of us hold on to things that we should have let go of a long time ago. As I am writing this , I can think of a few things myself. How about you? If we can practice letting go of the things we need to let go of, we can grab hold of the things that we need to hold on to. I firmly believe we hold on to the things we should let go of and we let go of the things we should hold on to.

As Tozer once said, "In the kingdom of God the surest way to lose something is to try to protect it, and the best way to keep it is to let it go." 

Daily Smile:
While living in Denver the weatherman said, expect 10 to 12 inches of snow tonight so park on the right side of the road so we can plow the left side. Willie’s wife ran out and parked on the right side. 

The next week the forecast called for another 10 to 12 inches of snow, but this time he said park on the left side. So Willie’s wife ran out and parked the car on the left side of the road. 

The following week he said 16 inches of snow expected park, the lights went out and all our power was lost. 

Willie’s wife said, my goodness, now I don’t know where to park the car.

“Why don’t you just leave it in the garage!” Willie said.

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