Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Right Way

....There is a way which seemeth right unto a man.....As the way of sin and wickedness does, it promising much carnal pleasure and myrth, there is a great deal of company in it, it is a broad road ( Matthew 7:13-14 ), and is pleasant and seems right, but it leads to destruction, so the way of hypocrite " as Pharisee that trust to his own righteousness and despises others", and even the righteousness of Christ, or however does not submit to it, but tramples upon him, and counts the blood of the covenant and wholy thing, and so is deserving of sorer punishment than the profane sinner, yet on account of his goodworks, as he calls them, fancies himself to be in a fair way for heaven, seem to be a right way.... But the end thereof are the ways of death, which lead unto eternal death, for that is the wages of sin (Rom 6:23).

THERE IS A WAY WHICH SEEMETH RIGHT UNTO A MAN --- This way refer to the blinding effects of passion and self-will, for these make a man think his own way best and most desirable . But it seems better to take as warning against following perverted or uninstructed concience. Concience needs to be informed by God's Word and ruled by God's will to make it safe guide.

BUT, THE END THEREOF ARE THE WAYS OF DEATH (Prov 5:5).--- The man is following a false light, and is led astray, and goes headlong to destruction (Rom 1:28, 1Tim 4:2)

We cannot depend upon what seems rigth to a man. We must place our trust in WHAT IS RIGHT, TO DO. For " there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is destruction.

NOW, what pathway are you following, today? Are you sure that pathway is right??? There is a way that is right, and cannot be wrong. There is a pathway, that leads to all the spiritual blessings you need.... A road that leads to heaven. Jesus said John 14:6 , "I AM the Way"
What ought to do??? we ought to be sure of every steps we take. You may be sincere.... but wrong. So, you need to be sure you are right! if you depend 100% on GOD'S WORD the Bible (Believe in Biblical salvation), then you have nothing to be worried

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