Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Friend Had a Miracle

by Carter Conlon
Psalm 34, beginning at verse 5: “They looked to Him, and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried out, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.”

I have a friend who was once so addicted to drugs that he laid on his apartment floor in a fetal position, unable to even get up and open his own door. Fearing that he’d come to the end of his life, he cried out out loud that if God was real, that He would come and help him out of this prison which had become, for him, a personal hell on earth. Suddenly, as he says, the room filled with light. His addiction was completely broken in an instant, and the victory that Jesus had won for him was made known fully to his heart.

He’s a minister of the truth of God today and leads a campus church. My friend had a miracle.

It’s time to pray.

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