Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Beginning

During the course of the past year, many of us have faced some sort of trial, test, setback, or disappointment. Some of us have even experienced failure. But in spite of all of that, God has prepared this year, this moment in time for you to have a new beginning.

The enemy's objective is to keep you locked in yesterday, the place where the pain originates from. God has a different plan for your life. He knows all about the things that have gone wrong. He's not surprised at some of the questionable decisions that you have made. He's knows that you have let Him down. He is not shocked at all.

The good news is that He also knows your future. 
"If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away and all things have become new" (2 Cor. 5:17)
When you have life in Christ, you have the ability to experience new possibilities in life.There is a season of new opportunities that await you and you must be willing to pursue it. Victory in this new year takes some understanding.

You were not created by accident. You were made by God himself. God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He designed you to live for a unique reason. When He made you, He pulled out all the stops. You are His prized creation.

You were made to overcome obstacles. You were made for victory. He didn't create you to blend in with the scenery. Out of over six billion people in the world, there is only one like you. So, don't be shut off or boxed in by traditions or customs. Don't be held back by someone else's expectations. You were created for brilliance and excellence. You were made for success.

Before planting seeds, the ground must first be prepared. The ground must first be dug up and turned over in order to receive seeds. In the same way, we must cultivate our lives so that we will be able to yield a successful harvest. We must do some work in order for our lives to be ready for a new beginning. We have to make choices and not yield to the power of sin. As we choose God's way, the Holy Spirit will strengthen us even more.

There are some spiritual disciplines that we must develop to cultivate our lives:

Prayer--Not just asking God for things but communing with Him.

Giving--We must change our perspective on our possessions.

Studying the Word--We must take in His promises daily.

Serving--We should always look for ways to improve someone else's life.

There is a lot of noise in this world. There are people shouting from every angle, trying to get your attention. To be able to distinguish between the voices, you need to be able to listen very closely. God is always speaking; we just have to listen for Him. The time is come to get your hearing in order. The alarm has sounded.

What is the sign that you are waiting for? The light has already turned green and you are clear to begin your journey. Step away from the crowd. Separate yourself from the average people who don't want anything other than what they have always had. You have been called out to make a difference. You have been called out reclaim territory for God and live out your destiny.
It's time for your New Beginning.

Michael J. Knight 

Public Notice:
During the month of Sept. '14, it was laid on my heart to no longer actively pursue New Advertising Accounts... I was told that if someone "NEW" wanted to advertise they would call and a few did call... 
As I approached the end of 2016, I felt the need to no longer accept any New  Advertisers and to cut my work load, since The StarLight News was never about money and I am content with a 16 Page Tab, this will be an easy task...

I will, however, continue to make monthly sales calls to the existing advertisers and hand deliver the monthly publication to 100s of locations through out Washington Parish as long as I am physically able... 
At some point in time, I will have to discontinue delivering due to health reasons and will move the entire operation of The StarLight News to the Internet Only ( )...

There are three other publications in Washington Parish that will be glad to help you in your paper advertising needs... 

I have set a goal of June '17 with the paper and will decide then whether to continue in written or digital...
Richard Spurlock, editor...

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