Saturday, January 14, 2017


by C. R. Stam

When St. Paul was at Ephesus his proclamation of the gospel caused such a stir that the idol makers, who were losing money, protested until "the whole city was filled with confusion." Soon somebody started a chant: "Great is Diana of the Ephesians!" Others joined and the chorus swelled until "all with one voice about the space of two hours cried out, Great is Diana of the Ephesians!" (Acts 19:34), and the town clerk, referring to the religion which surrounded this pagan goddess, said confidently: "These things cannot be spoken against" (Ver .36).

But later, at Rome, the Apostle was informed, with reference to those who had accepted the truths he had been proclaiming: "As concerning this sect, we know that everywhere it is spoken against" (Acts 28:22).

We wonder which side our readers would now prefer to be on: that of the superstitious multitude or that of the minority who place their faith in the Bible.

Millions worshipped the goddess Diana from a thousand years before Christ to two centuries after, but who knows her today? Where is the evidence of all the miracles she is supposed to have wrought? Her glory is little more than a memory and the religion which revolved around her name is a thing of the past.

But the Bible, for all these centuries and more, has stood unchanged and unchangeable. It has weathered, not barely, but handsomely, all the storms of criticism and opposition, and has proved to be indeed the Word of God. Read the Bible and especially that part which is particularly meant for us today: the Epistles of Paul. Depend upon it, act upon it and don't hesitate to stand for it, even when in the minority, for where the most vital truths are concerned, majorities have generally been wrong.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, my victorious Lord, how often I attempt to be the one who directs my life. I confess that when I lead, victory is not the result. Lord, help me to count on You to lead me in Your triumph, even in the difficult situations that I frequently encounter. In Your triumphant name, I pray, Amen.

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