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Happy Wednesday

Been saving this one for about 9 years... You may need a tissue for the first few paragraphs... I felt the emotions of Francis so much that I will skip the Daily Smile... Working on May's paper, Don't want to lose what I feel... Richard
2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses,  the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.  2 Tim. 2: 2
The story is told of Francis Gilmore, of Michigan, who was driving his 40 ton tractor trailer along the Kansas turnpike.  While driving, he suddenly went blind, and could not see anything around him.
Mr. Gilmore grabbed his CB radio, called for help, and begin to apply his brakes, as he heard a reply.  A calm voice came over the radio which said, "Don't panic, go to your right.  Easy now.   You are on the shoulder.  You are O.K. now, so shut it down."
Gilmore said he owed his life and the life of others around him, to the man who responded to his call for help.  The trucker who answered his plea became help for his blinded eyes.
Every single day, we come into contact with individuals who are blind to the dangers all around them.  Many of these people are panic stricken, and they feel they have no where to turn for help.  Some are fearful, and there is no one helping to calm their anxiety.  Many wander, aimlessly, waiting for direction.  These fail to realize there is one we all can call upon, who will give us peace for our soul and directions for a life of peace.  As Gilmore, there are many facing destruction on the highway of life.
As God's children, we are responsible to witness to those around us who are blind because of  walking in the darkness of sin.  Each day, many are seeking help.  What will we do about them?  Will we speak peace, by declaring God's Word and letting others know there is hope for the hopeless and help for those who feel helpless? 
May our prayer be to hear the cries of those around us who are looking for God's light and seeking safety.  It can only be found in His salvation.  He has given Christiansa great responsibility to help lead others to Him, that He might give them rest.May we always seek the courage and the wisdom to help others as we walk through this life.
Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly © 2010, 2003
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