Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Baby Who Was Allowed to Live

-Exodus 1:15-22


The children of Israel were a thorn in the flesh to their Egyptian masters. With each increase in affliction by the Egyptians, the Israelites multiplied and grew stronger. In an effort to change this pattern, Pharaoh demanded that the midwives kill all the Hebrew male children at the time of birth. Yet the midwives feared God so they refused to obey the command. What would have been the outcome had the midwives simply obeyed Pharaoh and killed all the newborn males? We know one thing that would have resulted. The next chapter of Exodus tells of the birth of a baby boy. His parents hid him until he could no longer be hid and finally had to be released into the care of Almighty God. According to Pharaoh’s decree, this boy should have been killed. His name was Moses (see Exodus 2:1-4).


  • (For children): Wicked king Herod had all the children two years old and under in Bethlehem and all the coasts slain. He hoped to kill the "King of the Jews" whom the wise men were seeking. Yet, God had already warned Joseph to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt (Matthew 2:1-16). Where would we be without Him?
  • (For everyone): How would things be different had Moses been murdered at birth? What are some of the most prominent things God used Moses to do?
  • How would the world be different if you were murdered as a baby? How would your life be different if one of your children had been murdered as a baby?


  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to live for Him.
  • Ask God to show our leaders the value of life.

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