Thursday, November 24, 2016


Putting this in writing as I type
What a task to undertake 
But folks---as you read make no mistake
Giving Thanks to the Father above
Spreading  out His Awesome Love
To you in this family and all my friends
Who've  stuck together through thick and thin
We praise You Oh Father God
We adore you and You are the Only God
Giving thanks today for You sending Your Son
The thiefs and murderers lost and us down here Won
All living creatures ---- all living things
All the nourishment to the body that these days bring
We've been fed with spiritual, physical, and emotional love
Being with ones we love, thinking of ones who've gone on
Knowing they are at peace now, they have a new song
Dreaming we are, and trying out hardest
To reach out and grab your Hands and know
Now is the  time to reap the most awesome harvest
We are clinging to You as would  a leech
Away from the wordly and out of it's reach
Ending this little ditty ---- Sending blessings
And praying for showers of more
Rain on us Lord, let us not be of thirst
We love You Lord, We'll be with You at Last
Because You are the One, and You are the First
The Alpha and Omega you are
The Father--the Son---and the Holy Ghost
The Maker and Creator of this great earth.

Let us give All the Praise and Glory to You Lord
You are the Song, and You are the much Spoken-Of Story
By Shirley Updike
November 26, 2009

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