Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There is No Plan B

by shani4jc
Today I heard someone say something that really spoke to me. He said, "God doesn't have a plan B" which reminded me that God is never surprised by what happens.  He is never caught off guard by what we do or don't do.  He never has to reconfigure what He is going to do because we have done something that He didn't know about.  He doesn't have to come up with an alternate plan because His plans have failed or not worked out.  Every single plan He has had since before the world began has been carried out precisely how He intended it to.  It's easy for us to think that our sins derail what God intended, but the truth is, God has known about our sins since before time began.  And He has planned accordingly.  He uses everything we do, including our sins, to work in our lives.  He uses every detail to draw us closer to Him or to reveal Himself to us.  What we see as mistakes in our lives are not mistakes to Him...they are opportunities to show Himself in our lives.  What we see as failures in our lives are not failures to Him...they are opportunities to bring victory through Him.  What we see as weaknesses in our own lives are not weaknesses to Him...they are opportunities to show His strength in us.  I don't know about you, but I find great comfort in the fact that nothing derails Him.  I find assurance in the fact that nothing takes Him by surprise or leaves Him wondering "what do I do now?"  Every single detail of your life has been divinely orchestrated and you can trust that God makes no mistakes as He carries out those plans in your life.
"Depend on the Lord in whatever you do and your plans shall succeed; the Lord makes everything go as He pleases." Proverbs 16:3-4

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