Monday, January 25, 2016

Do Not Hang with the Wicked Man (Proverbs 6:12-15)

In this passage, Solomon describes the wicked man and warns his son Rehoboam to stay away from him.
1. He is naughty.
He is worthless and good for nothing. It literally means he is a man of Belial.
2. He is a troublemaker.
He is wicked. The word wicked means troublemaker, self-willed. He causes problems for others.
3. He walks with a forward mouth.
Forward is a King James word which means crooked or distorted. You cannot trust what is coming out of his mouth. He says one thing to one person and another thing to another person. He is comfortable with distorting the truth.
4. He will tell you much by his body language.
a. The Bible says, “He winketh with his eyes,”
Watch what he is looking at, and what he will not look at. Be careful about the man who will not look you square in the eye.
b. “He speaketh with his feet,”
Where he is going, tells you a lot about who he is.
c. “he teacheth with his fingers;”
His fingers are grasping on to things that he should not be grabbing on to.
5. He has forwardness or perverseness in his heart. He devices mischief continually.
He uses his time to cause evil for others. This brings him peace. Be careful of the guy who wants revenge. He delights in causing division according to verse 14.
6. His end is described in verse 15. His calamity will come suddenly. His disaster will come without notice. He shall be broken with no one to recover.

Stay away from the wicked man.
Your Friend,
David Teis

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