Friday, January 15, 2016

Meeting With God!... on Holy Ground!

"Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed. "- Mark 1:35

... In today's passage we find a lesson that could do more than anything I know to end spiritual burnout among Christians.  We see the tabernacle set up to be a place of fellowship and communion between God and His people.  It was there they rendered their various religious duties to God.  It was also there that God revealed His will to them.
Leviticus 1 begins with the words, "The Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting."  The word translated "called" means God spoke in a still, small voice. No lightning and thunder as on Mount Sinai. This was the gentle voice of God.

I have found it a great advantage to have a place set aside in my home where I start the day with a time of Bible reading and prayer.  For a few minutes each day that place becomes my Holy Ground.   For me, that place is in front of my computer.... that is my 'Holy Ground'  for communicating with the Holy Spirit .... for seeking His will for Ed Chandler!

I once knew a young man who was determined to have a daily quiet time alone with God,  so he cleaned up a little storage closet next to the furnace room, put a map of the world on the wall, and placed a little rug on the floor so he could kneel and pray.  Other people complained about the house being too crowded, but he'd found his place to privately meet with God.
If you want to have a daily quiet time, there's really nothing that can stop you.   Ed suggests you find a quiet place in your home where it is just you and our Lord.  ... where Jehovah God can speak to you in that still small voice.... where you can seek HIS WILL ...


"Lord, let me hear your still, small voice today as I meditate on Your Word.  Show me Your will for my walk with You this day.  Amen."

Where can you stake out a place as holy ground to meet the Lord on a daily basis?  I encourage you to find "that place" where there are no distractions, and where  you can listen for 'that still small voice'  Almighty God is waiting to have a little talk with you this day.

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